Executive Committee Board (2017 - 2020)

केन्द्रिय कार्यसमिती (Central Committee Board – CCB):

S/N Posts Full Names Area in UK Responsible
01 Founder Mr. Santa Purja Pun Swindon Founder
02 Former President Mr. Ati Prasad Pahare Pun S/Harrow Ex President
03 President Mr. Ek Bahadur Phagami Pun Warminister President
04 Vice President Mr. Dhan Bahadur Thane Pun Wembley Vice President
05 Lady Vice Mrs. Kesh Maya Pun Northolt Lady Vice
06 Gen Secretary Mr.  Rudra Pahare Pun Swindon Gen Secretary
07 Secretary Mr. Tak B Tilija Pun Hounslow Secretary
08 Treasurer Mr. Ram Bahadur Tilija Pun Bracknell Treasurer
09 Asst. Treasurer Mr. Ram Prasad Paija Pun Northolt Asst. Treasurer
10 Excu. Member Mr. Dan Bdr Garbuja Pun Colchester  
11 Excu. Member Mr. Mr Gyan Bdr Paija Pun Basingstoke Purkheuli (1)
12 Excu. Member Mrs. Parbati Pahare Pun Reading  
13 Excu. Member Mrs. Parbati Purja Pun Maidstone  
14 Excu. Member
15 Excu. Member Mr. Khum Bdr Garbuja Pun London  Purkheuli (3)
16 Excu. Member Mr. Dhan B Paija Pun Winchester Sports IC
17 Excu. Member Ms. Rita Thajali Pun Northolt Cultural
18 Excu. Member Mr. Hom Bdr Phagami Pun Basingstoke  
19 Excu. Member  
20 Excu. Member Mrs. Purna Garbuja Pun Northolt  
21 Excu. Member Mr. Sunil Paija Pun Northolt Website
22 Excu. Member Mr. Yuba Raj Garbuja (Capt) Dartford L/O for Officers
23 Excu. Member Mr. Bahadur Purja Pun Northolt Property IC
24 Excu. Member Mr. You Bdr Garbuja Pun Harrow  
25 Excu. Member Mr. Hari Bahadur Tilija Pun Basingstoke Karmakanda Ic

Advisory Board Pun Society UK 2017 - 2020

1 Capt Rtd Chandra Bahadur Pahare Pun Chief Advisor
2 Maj Rdt Bishnu Garbuja Pun  
3 Maj Rdt Gam Bahadur Pun  
4 Capt Rtd Ghanashyam Tilija Pun  
5 Mr Aita Bahadur Tilija Pun  
6 Mr Moti Tilija Pun  
7 Mr Sher Armaja Pun  
8 Mrs Yashodha Thane Pun  
9 Mr Birkha Purja  
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Victoria Cross

Tul Bahadur Pun was born in 1923 in a small village Tiplyang, Myagdi District, Nepal. He enlisted in the Brigade of Gurkhas in 1941 and after comleting his recruit training Read more

Conspicuous Gallantry Medal

Sgt Dip Prasad Pun from Bima village who is currently serving with 1 Royal Gurkha Rifles has been awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for his bravery in Afghanistan. Read more

Community Leader

Mahabir pun was born and raised in Nangi, a remote village in the mountainous Myagdi District of western Nepal. Traditionally, the local people had no education, and most men Read more

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