Our Introduction

Pun is one of the clans of Magar Tribe, a Sino-Tibetan ethnic group, the largest indigenous ethnic groups of Nepal. Our ancestral homeland extends from Karnaliriver in the westto Gandaki river in the east and Mahabharat foothill in the south to Himalayan range in the north. Although we were living in these areas for generations, we have now moved to towns, cities, plainsand foreign countries like; Hong kong, United kingdom and so on for better life and more opportunities. Magar tribeis divided into two main groups; 12 Magarat and 18 Magarat. Before the unification of Nepal in 18thcentury by the king Prithivi Narayan Shah, Magarat land was divided into more than 30 independentstates. West of Kali gandaki was devided into 18 states so they were called 18 Magarat and east of Kali gandaki was divided into 12states so they were called 12 Magarat.12 Magarat is further divided into 3 clans they are: Thapa, Rana and Ale. Likewise; 18 Magarat is also further divided into 4 clans they are: Gharti, Budhathoki, Pun andRoka. So there are total 7 clans and there are more than 1100 sub clans within 7 clans. 12 Magaratis speak Dhut dialect and 18 Magaratis speak Kham and Kaike dialects. Kham dialect is further divided into four sub groups called Eastern Parbate, Western Parbat, Gamale and Shesi. Pun clan alone have more than 50 sub-clans. Some of hese sub-clans are called;Garbuja, Purja, Fagami, Pahare, Thane, Dud, Sut, Tilija, Chochangi, Ramjali, Rantija, Sherpunja, Buduja, Khorja, Armaja,Paija, Khame, Same, Ramjali, Thajali, Hunali, Holang, Loja, Shontaja, Jukjali, Ranke, Ulange, Sim, Soti etc. Like other indigenous people of Nepal, Pun clan has our own language, tradition and culture. Those Puns living in Parvat, Muyagdi, Baglung and Gulmi do not speak mother language due to the restriction imposed by the past rulers where as other areas’ Puns speak kham dialect. Shamanism is our tradition and we still follow this tradition in our villages where we lived for generations. According to 18 Magarat’shistory, Shaman PuranTsan is our legend and he is the first shaman from north-country andhe is known as MachchhePuran in Myagdi and Parbat areas. However, Pun clan of Myagdi and ParbatareasworshipsKarbakelias an ancestral god (KulDeuta in Nepali) in every odd years (1, 3 or 5). Our traditional cultural dances are called Sorathi, Jhyaure, Shirafula, Yanimaya and Hi halne. It is our responsibility today to protect these traditions and cultures for generations to come. Our traditional dressesfor the male are called kachhad or wrap-on-loincloth, a bhoto or a shirt of vest, vangra and the usual Nepali topiand for the female traditional dresses are calledphariya or sari or lunghi, chaubandhicholo or a closed blouse and the heavy blue colour patuka or waistband and the mujetro or shawl like garment on head. The higher altitude Puns wear an additional boku similar to the Gurung sheepherders. The ornaments for the women are called mundri on the ears, bulaki on the nose and the phuli on the left nostril, naugeri, jantar and kantha on the neck and the pote (green beads) with the tilhari gold cyclinder and men used to wear durbili in the ear but very few wear now a day. Finally, Pun SamajUk was formed in 2007 to protect our cultures and to unite us so that our new generations will not lose our identification and existence in future.

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Victoria Cross

Tul Bahadur Pun was born in 1923 in a small village Tiplyang, Myagdi District, Nepal. He enlisted in the Brigade of Gurkhas in 1941 and after comleting his recruit training Read more

Conspicuous Gallantry Medal

Sgt Dip Prasad Pun from Bima village who is currently serving with 1 Royal Gurkha Rifles has been awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for his bravery in Afghanistan. Read more

Community Leader

Mahabir pun was born and raised in Nangi, a remote village in the mountainous Myagdi District of western Nepal. Traditionally, the local people had no education, and most men Read more

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